Can you help me to win an Oscar?

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Hello and thanks for opening the blog. Welcome to my first post, launching February 14th.

Many of you will know that I have always dreamed of making a movie.

Well now I am going to make that dream a reality.

And with your help I can!

I am asking for financial support, not as an investment proposal, but as an opportunity for you to be part of something really special.

the problem

The fact is that movies are expensive. A film company like Universal has to risk millions of dollars on a product that it can’t guarantee will sell.

Its best bet is to get a film directed by someone who has already made them lots of money with a successful movie.
James Cameron or Peter Jackson will do nicely. Steve who...?

You get my point. It is very rare for anyone to risk that investment on someone new to the game.

the answer

Many directors have found that the way to break in to that first feature film is to make a short film. Something under 30 minutes that can demonstrate their ability; it is their calling card.

Two British directors -
Jonathan Newman and Gareth Edwards - have recently finished their first feature films, having both previously made shorts which proved they could do it - the risk was worth taking.

If the short film is good, and it wins awards, it can qualify for the Oscars. And an Oscar nominated film always gets noticed. An Oscar
winning film is of huge significance; it is much more likely to open doors to a feature film offer.

So that is my plan.

I am going to make a short film which will have all the elements of a feature film: outstanding actors, the highest production values and above all, a compelling story.

And I am aiming high - at the
Oscars in February 2012. Each year, along with the ‘red carpet’ gongs, the Academy makes an award for the Best Short Film.

February 14th is the story of one ordinary family on any normal Valentine’s Day. But this is no rom-com. Kate and Adam Miller, along with their son Josh, are shattered when American anti-abortion activists crash into their lives. This edge of seat movie will belie its short length, and prove a profoundly moving cinematic experience.

the challenge

The trick is to pull off a movie, albeit shorter, which rivals any major feature film in its quality. But without spending serious movie money!

I am asking industry professionals that I have worked with if they will make this film with me, but without receiving their usual fees.

I am assembling a team of experienced craftsmen and women who are totally committed to making this film a success.

So why do I still need to raise money to fund the film?

Because some things are impossible to get for free. Location fees, props, lighting bills, consumables like film stock and crew food are examples of things which have to be paid for. They all mount up if you’re producing a film of professional quality.

what will it cost?

I estimate the costs to be around £25k to make the film. That may sound a lot, but is in fact a tiny fraction of what films cost to make. The Harry Potter 7 budget is said to be over $250 million. Ok, so Voldemort won’t be in my film, but given that even a very low-budget movie is considered to be around £10 million, that would make the cost of a short film proportionally about £2.5 million.

So we will be making this film for 1% of the normal rate!

I am asking family, friends and anyone who reads this and wants to be part of an exciting journey to see this film made, to consider donating. Of course, we’re saving any of our own spare cash for the pot.

You can donate now or make a pledge; the details are below. But whatever you can contribute will be hugely appreciated.

If you choose not to give, that’s no problem at all. The hate mail you receive will be entirely coincidental. Only kidding; that’s cool if you want simply to take an interest but you’d prefer not to donate.

what will your money be spent on?

Every pound will be spent on bringing this film to the screen. There will be no profit. No one in the main crew will be taking a professional fee, only minimal expenses - the bus fare and a sandwich if they’re lucky!

From the actors to the set designers, the cinematographer to the film editor - everyone will be doing this because they love making films, and they want to see this idea brought to life in a stunning movie that gets Oscar recognition!

what’s in it for you?

As I said earlier, this is not about any financial return; short films don’t make money.

It’s really about investing in a dream, and by seeing it come to life, sharing in the success.

But anyone who gives money to the film will be a special part of this exciting venture. You will have an on-screen credit in the end roller as an Associate Producer. The movie will open at a West End cinema, (which we will blag for next to nothing!). You will be invited to the premiere and to the party that follows, where you will meet the cast and crew.

ceremony textless
If we do get Oscar nominated, we will host a special Oscar Party where we will watch the Oscars live and prepare to celebrate, should we win. Of course, you will be invited.

please join us!

If you would like to be part of this film in the making by giving a donation, we’ve made it really easy to do. You can pay in the following ways:

by Paypal or with most major debit/credit cards.
You don’t even need a PayPal account. Just press the donate button now and choose the amount.

by bank transfer
Email and we will send you the bank details.

cheque made payable to Red Rag Pictures Ltd.
Email and we will send you the postal address.

how else could I give?

make a pledge

You might prefer to pledge a donation, rather than giving right now.

That would mean committing to an amount but not giving the donation until production starts in the Spring. If you would like to donate in this way, just click on the pledge page.


Can you help us hit the first target?

We are aiming to reach
£10,000 in pledges or actual donations by February 14th this year. We already have £2,300 - and the blog has only just launched! So that gives us 3 weeks to raise £7,700. You don’t have to give the money now; just by pledging an amount, it will go towards the target.

It’s ambitious, but we really believe in this film, and we think you will too as you see it come to life. Please pledge now by clicking on the
pledge page or by donating, using one of the methods in the yellow box above. We’ll let you know how we’re doing in the next blog.

thank you

Thank you for reading this far! And an enormous heartfelt thank you if you are willing to donate towards the film. It’s you that will make this movie happen. I promise it will be a thrilling journey of which you will be a very special part.

As an Associate Producer, you will be kept up to date with all the twists and turns as they develop, as well as being the first to receive an invite to the World Premiere!

This will be the unravelling story of an idea turning into a movie. Who knows what we can do when we believe the dream?

Watch this space...

If you would rather not be part of this, and you would prefer not to receive any further contact, please forgive this intrusion. Just email and we will remove you from the list.

Please keep in touch. Post a comment by clicking on the Comments
link at the page bottom.
Spread the word on
February 14th!

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