No, I've not gone to Hawaii!

OK, so it’s been 3 months since the last blog entry.
I’ve been doing one of the following:

a) pouring a magnum of champagne from my Virgin Islands’ beach house
b) running off with your money and living it up in Vegas
c) conducting high-level talks with Universal about my next $80m blockbuster

I wish. Well, about (c) anyway!

I have in fact just been busy on the day job. But I’ve also been buried in the script. Scripts evolve draft by draft, and the best films avoid going to set before the script is ready.

So, the BIG news is that 12 drafts later, I think we’re there.
This baby’s ready to give birth!

The even BIGGER announcement is that we now have a PRODUCER, which is fantastic news!

J Binks
Joe Binks is a producer at Jack Morton Worldwide - a brand experience agency with offices in Asia, Africa, the U.S. and London.

Click on the 60-second film below to see an example of their terrific work.

Joe is thrilled to be part of the team.
‘After reading the script, I knew I had to throw my hat into the ring. The opportunity to work with the talented crew already assembled excites me.’

The powerful themes in Steve’s script will no doubt translate to a compelling film.

‘I believe that we can really achieve something with Happy Birthday and I’m really dedicated to help Steve achieve something special.’
Joe Binks, Producer

So, with a producer in place and a script ready to go, it’s time to push the film into pre-production.

So it’s now time to send in your pledge!

Let me say again a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who’s getting involved and supporting
Happy Birthday. Thank you to those who’ve already donated to the film, and to those who have generously pledged an amount.

We’ve now around £8,000 and with a loan I’m taking, we should have about £18k towards the target of
£25,000 needed to make the film.

That means I’m now asking, please, for all those who’ve pledged an amount to make that contribution as soon as possible.
You can do this in the following ways:

by bank transfer: (preferred means, if possible)
Please see your email invite to this blog for bank details.

by cheque:
made payable to:
Red Rag Pictures Ltd

by Paypal (this is possible, but the least effective because Paypal charge a commission which reduces the amount we receive)

join us!
get involved

This is not about any financial return; short films don’t make money.

It’s really about investing in a dream, and by seeing it come to life, sharing in the success.

But anyone who gives money to the film will be a special part of this exciting venture. You will have an on-screen credit in the end roller as an Associate Producer. The movie will open at a West End cinema, (which we will blag for next to nothing!). You will be invited to the premiere and to the party that follows, where you will meet the cast and crew.

ceremony textless
If we do get Oscar nominated, we will host a special Oscar Party where we will watch the Oscars live and prepare to celebrate, should we win. Of course, you will be invited.

Every pound will be spent on bringing this film to the screen. There will be no profit. No one in the main crew will be taking a professional fee, only minimal expenses - the bus fare and a sandwich if they’re lucky!

It’s ambitious, but we really believe in this film, and we think you will too as you see it come to life.
press me

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Please pledge now by pressing the button (you confirm later) or make a donation, using one of the methods in the yellow box below.

And check out the earlier blog posts below if this is your first visit.

Looking for Josh

We are about to go out to cast, which means the casting director will be looking for the best actors to fill each role.

Perhaps the most challenging role to fill will be that of Josh. I am looking for a black boy of around 8 years old to play Josh. Children are always difficult to cast; their experience - of both life and acting - is inevitably very limited.

But somewhere out there there’s a great young actor who will be amazing in a film. And I want him to be in
Happy Birthday!

If you know of anyone who you think might fit the bill, please get in touch.

They’ll be more news as it happens; it won’t be another 3 months! Please click the
Like button at the top of the page - it all helps to spread the word and build support!

Thank you for your interest in this fantastically exciting journey to see a movie made.

It’s great you’re coming with us!

Steve Bookbinder
writer and director
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